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Your dog needs a rest day, & so do you!

I've said it before & I'll keep on saying it...we are all sentient beings with a nervous system.

We cannot be in a perpetual state of motion constantly being exposed to external stimuli.

We (by we I mean us & our dogs) need decompression days.

We need time to just breath, & to exist without potentially being triggered, without having all of our senses heightened by the outside world.

We need days where all we feel is safe, secure & comfortable.

You, or your dog, don't need to have any "struggles" with the outside world for this to be applicable either. Just because outwardly you don't seem to have encountered any difficulties doesn't mean that internally you aren't potentially overloading yours or your dogs system.

Don't wait until you NEED a rest day, by then you're fighting a battle to re-regulate.

Schedule them in.

I have one day a week (most of the time, sometimes life plans do impact this) where I do not go anywhere & I do not engage with the outside world in any way shape or form.

Rafiki also gets a day where only her core needs are met with some light mental stimulation throughout the day.

Not only is this really beneficial but it is also an extremely helpful practice for your dog.

They need to know how to cope with bare minimum days for times when you are unwell & need to rest, or for potential future situations where they are recovering & need to rest.

It is my belief that you are actually doing your dog a disservice by not supporting them in this, because how much more stressful is it going to be for them if they have never experienced a low energy day & then suddenly they are forced into one (through no fault of anyone's) without any prior knowledge or understanding of how to cope.

Set them, & yourself, up as much as possible for success by preparing for potential future situations.

If you're preparing for a play you regularly rehearse first & then perform, you don't get the script & then try to perform there & then!

Don't force your dogs to.

Create time to rest.

You both deserve it.

Let me know how you both enjoy your next rest day!

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