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Bespoke 1:1 Support with Matilda so you can finally start living your dream life with your dog!

A deep dive to reset your relationship & start your new life with your dog as you mean to go on. Focusing on the core 3 pillars of relationship, confidence, & engagement to set you up for success for the rest of your life together.

Working with Matilda is for you if... feel like you've tried so many different training techniques but nothing is sticking.

You've taken your dogs to classes, you've tried online courses, you've even worked with a dog trainer & you're just not seeing an improvement.

You get in the flow for a couple of weeks putting into practice all the techniques that you learnt & then find yourself slipping back into old habits & patterns that you were trying to leave in the past.

You end up feeling in a never-ending loop of trying to improve your life with your dog, starting to see a difference, hitting a wall, & then feeling like you're back at square one.

You feel overwhelmed by all the different information out there 

You know that life with your dog shouldn't feel this hard

Your life with your dog feels out of balance

You brought your dog into your life to expand your world not shrink it

Did you know it doesn't have to be this way?

That you can be working through your dogs big feelings whilst still enjoying life together?

That you can create a training plan that suits your lifestyle & is sustainable for you to integrate into your life without burning out?

That you can learn how to communicate 10x more clearly & effectively with your dog so there are no more miscommunications or getting your wires crossed.

When you start your journey with Matilda you will look at where you are in life with your dog now, versus where you want to be, & then create the the steps necessary to achieve your dream life in a healthy & sustainable way for you & your dog.

Bespoke 1:1 Support System to suit yours & your dogs lifestyle. 

1:1 sessions

Bespoke Session Summaries 

Exclusive WhatsApp Support

PDF Habit Tracker

PDF Personalised Journal

Matilda keeps her 1:1 spaces limited to make sure that she can show up fully present & engaged to support you on your journey with your dog.

Make the most of the only opportunity to work to this depth & this extensively with her.

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