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(as much as you love your dog

An online community space & support system to guide you on your journey through this life with your dog.

A completely unique, one of a kind space to learn how to support your own health  well-being so you can show up as your best self for in your life with your dog!

 Alongside spaces to share about your experiences & to truly be seen, heard & supported, whilst also supporting others in the process!



 Monthly workshops/talks & Q+A's with health & well-being practitioners

 Discounts/offers with practitioners (subject to availability)

 Weekly mental health check ins

 Emotional Dump Station

 Celebration Station

 Dog Teaching Tips Zone

 Dog Professionals Directory

 Health & Well-being Directory

 Podcast with dog professionals & dog parents about their health & well-being journeys to connect & inspire you


We can't wait to share space with you!
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Love Yourself



Every month

As much as you love your dog

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Monthly Workshops with Health & Well-being Practitioners

Celebration Station

Emotional Dump Station

Health & Well-being Check ins

Dog Teaching Tips Zone

Pet Professionals Directory

Health & Well-being Directory

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