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Is it you, or is it your hormones?!

Have you ever felt like you're on a roll with your dog one week & the next week you can only just manage the necessities of life? 🥲

Do you have those days where you just wake up with no energy & everything feels like it's going wrong even if it's not? 🧐

Did you know that this could just be all because of where you are in your hormonal cycle? ♀️

Living in sync with your hormonal cycle can have such a huge impact on the ease in which you live your life with your dog 🙏

For example, my hormones were hitting me hard yesterday...I felt overwhelmed, tired & despondent.

I was getting myself in anxiety loops about the future, I was being hard on myself for the things I've been doing or not doing right now.

Knowing that it's because I am now in my luteal phase (the week or so leading up to Day 1 of your Bleed 🩸) meant that I was able to approach how I was treating myself with love & compassion.

I wasn't hard on myself for not being full of beans & for not taking Fiki on a big adventure or doing intentional training with her, I was able to accept that it was more of a low energy day, & that's okay because it's not forever, it will change ✨

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