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You have to put YOUR oxygen mask on before you can help anyone else...

...the same rule applies with your dog 🐕

Once I learnt this & really started to embody it in my daily life it meant that...

✨ I have more energy to give Rafiki (my dog☝️)

✨ I feel more confident in myself so I feel confident exploring new places & activities together

✨ I trust my intuition more in different scenarios

✨ I feel more connected with myself means I am able to connect with her more fully

✨ I am present with her when we spend time together

✨ I am more intentional about how I show up for myself & in turn for her

✨ I'm not trying to pour from an empty cup

✨ I'm not burning out physically, emotionally, or mentally anymore

☝️☝️☝️ The last one is the biggest turnaround for me...I used to try to go go go with her all the time & then I would 'crash & burn' & berate myself for not being able to do it all & not being able to be enough for her...then I would get motivated again & just continue this crash & burn cycle 😅🥲

Now I have learned to live in harmony between balancing her needs & mine this isn't something we tend to experience much anymore which I am so grateful for 🙏

Do you feel like you're stuck in a burnout loop at the moment? Would you like some guidance out of it?


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