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Why Matilda?

Work with me if you value...​

  • Kindness & empathy

  • Being fluid & flexible

  • A supportive atmosphere

  • A personal understanding of mental health struggles & their impact on life with your dog

  • A personal understanding of neurodiversity & its impact on life with your dog

  • A soft & sensitive approach

  • Being open-minded & not being put in boxes

  • Always learning, growing & developing 

  • Feeling things deeply - (I'll be right there with you on your journey)

  • Progress over perfection

...but most importantly that you know that change takes time, there is no overnight quick fix, or magic wand that I can wave. There is no prescribed time frame because you, your dog & your life are unique.


If you have any requests or requirements that will help you feel more comfortable please let me know prior to our session. Whether it is for online coaching or in-person. 

Wherever possible I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

The environment needs to suit you mentally, physically & emotionally so you can learn at your best. 

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