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What can you expect from a blog by Matilda?

Updated: Mar 19

A mixture of my inner musings, my perspectives on the world relating to dogs, & helpful/informative content for your life with your dog. Nothing too formal!

Matilda The Canine Coach is a Holistic dog training business founded & independently run by myself, Matilda.

As with many professional dog trainers, my story is that my first dog as an adult was not the dog I wanted, but definitely the dog I needed. I thought I 'knew' dogs before she came into my life, wow was I wrong!

After a necessary deep dive into the world of dogs & dog behaviour myself & my partner at the time made great strides & improvements with Nala. A couple of years later we brought Rafiki home as a puppy & once I was able to utilise everything I had learnt to mitigate potential problem behaviours & had more & more requests from friends & family with help with their dogs, I realised I could truly help people, & TKDogTraining was born.

Holistic Health & Well-being, Self Love, & Self Care for dog parents is now my main focus & passion, alongside teaching the core foundations for a peaceful life with your dog.

Many of the struggles I see people facing are that they are focusing entirely on their dog & burning themselves out in the process. I am trying to foster a mindset that we are as important as our dogs. As the saying goes, you can't pour from an empty cup!

Love yourself as much as you love your dog... a phrase that you will hear me repeating like a mantra. It is something that I think we all need to embody more often & is a hill I will happily die on!

So, welcome, & I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs as much as I will enjoy writing them!

This will be a space where we can muse about the world of dogs, the trials & tribulations of having dogs in our lives, & most importantly improving our lives with our dogs.

Please do feel free to drop a comment on any blog posts that resonate with you or that bring up any thoughts or questions you have. I absolutely love engaging in conversations with like-minded souls.

If you want to stay in the know with new blog posts, course & membership updates, & general training tips then don't forget to subscribe to my website.

Bye for now!


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