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What I recommend having to boost your confidence on your dog walk!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

You don't need all the flashy gear, but sometimes appropriate gear can really make a difference.

I have found that having the right equipment can make a huge difference to my confidence in different environments & situations.

Not only do I feel more capable but it actually makes my life easier & less stressful. I can easily show up in new places knowing I've got everything I need for it to go as smoothly as possible (external factors not withstanding).

And it really doesn't need to be the newest most expensive item on the market (I've made the mistake of getting caught up in good marketing & spending £80 on something I could have got for £20 elsewhere!). So it definitely pays to do a little market research before committing to a purchase.

Items that I think every human with a dog in their lives should own...

✨ Treat/training pouch ~ silicone ones are amazing as easily washable.

✨ A poo bag carrier so you don't have to worry about holding your dogs full poo bag in your hand on a walk.

✨ A waterproof coat with many pockets.

✨ A training skirt or vest to fit treats, toys, leads, phones, keys etc etc to have separate from your coat if you prefer.

✨ Dog walking/training specific clothing.

✨ I always carry a can of pet corrector to give me peace of mind, I've never had to use it!

What are your favourite dog specific items that empower you & make you feel more confident taking your dog out into the world?

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