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Loosen Up your Lead

The foundation for ALL training with your dog

Learn TKDogTraining's Core Marker System

Does the thought of walking your dog ever fill you with stress or anxiety?

Do you ever worry that your dog is going to hurt you, or hurt themselves, from pulling?

Do you find yourself wishing you & your dog were on the same wavelength so you can live in harmony?

Loosen Up



Created & taught by Tilly
(with Rafiki's assistance)
Founders of TKDogTraining

A highly successful, & proven, core marker system that will teach you to communicate more clearly & effectively with your dog. No more confusion or misunderstandings of what is being asked of them in this life!

In this course you will learn...

The core foundations of a loose lead walk

How to effectively teach them to your dog 

The mistakes you may have been making

How to move forward with confidence


Answers to questions you may be pondering

Self study in your own time
Broken down into manageable steps
Lifetime access
Suitable for dogs of ANY age 
Suitable for ALL breeds 

Captioned videos 
Typed information sheets
Downloadable trackers
A quiz (not mandatory)
A certificate of completion 

So, what are you waiting for ?
If you want a relationship with your dog where  they...

Listen to you in almost any environment or situation
Understand exactly what you're asking of them

Are on the same wavelength as you

Have confidence that your dog will listen to you wherever you are
Know that you aren't causing them any unnecessary confusion

Enjoy your time together in harmony

ONLY £57

...then sign up for Loosen Up your Lead today!

start your journey now! that you can...

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